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Do Facial mists work, or is it just a waste of money?

23 Nov 2022
Do Facial mists work, or is it just a waste of money?

Facial Mists have become a very trendy addition to the skincare regime, especially in summer. Still, since their invention, there has always been a debate whether these facial mists genuinely work or not or it's just a waste of money. Brands made attractive spray bottles with catchy eye stickers and a soothing color scheme to grab customers' attention, but many people said that stunning spray did nothing to their skin. 

face mistToday we will go deep into this matter and search out that whether it is true or not. Starting from scratch, we all know that different facial mists are mainly composed of water, and then the essence of various herbs or ingredients is added to them to make them distinctive. Most brands have the complete range of facial mists for different skin types and even for multiple purposes. But mainly, there are two types of sprinkles. One is purely organic, and the other has some chemicals in it.

Surveys have shown that organic mists are proved to be more effective than chemically infused mists because the primary purpose of using a MIST is to refresh your skin and give it a boost of hydration. It is ideally done when it is kept natural. 

Cucumber TonerThe facial mist adds the splash of hydration to your skin, providing the hydration needed to stay fresh and younger-looking. It eventually bonds with other skincare products you have been using with facial mists and helps them to penetrate your skin deeply. It is a blessing in summer when your body and your skin are also in deep need of hydration. Having 2 to 3 splashes of your favourite facial mist in summer evenings not only freshens you but also allows your skin and pores to breathe.

Rose Toner 

The working of facial mists depends on how frequently and how well you use them. Facial mists should be used on a clean, dry face, and they should be left untouched to be dried and absorbs naturally. It is not an alternative to makeup setting spray or toner as many people have a misconception about it and are misusing it. 

When used according to your skin type, a facial mist provides you hydration, improves the absorptions of moisturizer, and provides you the smooth application of makeup. Still, it is not the replacement of primer. When used on a dry clean face, it gives you the radiant glow from within the skin as your skin and pores get the hydration they are starving for. 

Aloe Vera TonerSo, what are you waiting for? Get your favourite 100% natural organic mist now and give your skin a divine gift.  

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